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Home Automation Solutions

Suppliers and installers of home cinema, multi-room audio systems and lighting control systems throughout East Anglia.

Products from Bowers & Wilkins, Sonos, Heos, iLight, Dynalite, Artcoustic, Denon, RTI, Pioneer. 

Home Automation Solutions

As a company we install a range of solutions that give modern day functionality to your home as well as adding some wow factor.

Our disciplines include home cinema, multi-room audio, lighting design and lighting control as well as whole house internet and CCTV

Home Infrastructure - TV, Telephone, Data

A basic infrastructure is inexpensive, easy to install during the build process and offers a  reliable way to distribute TV, Satellite, Data and telephone services around the home.

By installing a central distribution hub, services can then be easily fed to every room throughout the property. By star-wiring cables from this one central point, the home can be provided with a flexible and expandable solution.

Add to this some cabling for multi-room audio; think differently about how lighting systems are cabled; and all of a sudden you have gained not only a modern home, but a home that can grow with your family.

Wireless technologies are available, and these can be used to offer a whole host of solutions. But how will it perform? 
Modern building techniques and materials such as under-floor heating, foil backed insulation and steel frames can have a dramatic effect on the performance of a wireless network, and once the building is finished there is little to be done to change it.

However, wireless internet and solutions are convenient and practical, and a 'must have' in any modern home. A hardwired infrastructure behind the wireless network
can provide a reliable backbone which can be later built upon according to your family's needs and requirements, not just now but also in the future.

Multi-room audio

Multi-room audio systems allow a centrally stored music collection or streamed music to be enjoyed throughout the home with full control either via iPads, iPods, iPhones, in-wall keypads, hand held remote controls. Planning for these systems is paramount; we work with you to provide a solution that meets your requirements in terms of the level of control and functionality required.

In most cases it is possible to choose artists and albums independently in any room, creating playlists with full feedback of what is going on. We install solutions that are easy to use and extremely reliable. We believe that these types of systems should be so simple that anybody can use them without any instruction.

With more and more media being stored on iPods, Cloud Services, PC's or network drives it is important that your chosen system can work with your digital music library, but still encompass traditional formats such as Radio, CD and yes even the good old fashioned LP.

Movie Streaming Services, such as Apple TV and Netflix, are also becoming more and more common place. Once a service is subscribed to you have endless amounts of Movies to access, playing the film without having to watch any initial adverts. By using a hard-wired Ethernet system it is also possible to play different films in different rooms all at the same time, hence the importance of putting the cables in during the build process.

And we must not forget the speakers! Music everywhere doesn't have to mean big speakers everywhere, being discrete is usually the pre-requisite with multi-room audio. We provide in-ceiling and in-wall speakers, speakers that can be made to look like pictures and even speakers that can be plastered over.

Extending your music system outside is also a popular choice. Weatherproof speakers can be provided either wall mounted or hidden amongst the flowerbeds. We can't guarantee the weather will be good, but we can promise your music will sound good!

home cinema

When we talk about home cinema systems we don't just mean darkened rooms with very large screens that only get used occasionally. We mean living spaces which don't just have a visual medium of say a large TV or Projector screen but also the addition of an audio system to match, to fully immersed you in the whole experience.

The most important thing is that these systems are simple and reliable, no more coffee table clutter of  multiple remote controls that no one can work. We replace these with one unit that is so simple even an adult can use it. 

With technology changing on a daily basis it is important to work with a company who can provide solutions that represent excellent value for money, yet exceed your expectations. Whether working within a new build or existing property we will ensure that your systems are installed to an extremely high standard with not a cable to be seen.

Over the years we have created all types of solutions and at all levels of budget. Some clients have preferred everything to be on show while others want something more subtle. Fully understanding the clients needs is key to producing a good solution. We will work with you to understand how the space is to be used, allowing us to come up with a scheme that will enhance your home.

Lighting Design

Good lighting can completely change the feel of a building, enhancing the design and making it welcoming. Poor lighting will grab the attention for all the wrong reasons; whilst good lighting will blend seamlessly into the surroundings and create a wonderful amtosphere. Used well, lighting will enhance the home, whilst bad lighting can nullify your efforts. 

Within our lighting design team we have designers who are members of the Society of lighting and also hold the CIBSE Lighting Diploma.

Our lighting designs take into account the current requirements of building regulations as well as offer the best practice in relation to environmental issues. We work with clients on both residential and commercial projects including new builds, refurbishments and renovations, and this also includes external schemes.

We provide fittings from the major lighting manufacturers such as Flos, Artemide, iGuzzini, Targetti Poulson, Luceplan and Bruck. Having a good understanding of the available products allows us to produce an excellent  design to enhance and compliment the rest of the project.

In the commercial environment it is important to present a visually attractive window to the world. For restaurants and bars the relationship between light and mood is fundamental in providing  atmosphere, interest and fun. Within the workplace as an employer or employee, lighting can make all the difference in producing good productivity and a feeling of overall wellbeing.

Lighting control

Its not just good lighting on its own, its how the lights are controlled that adds the wow factor to your design. 

Multiple lighting circuits within single areas are not uncommon. As an example it is easily possible to have four or more lighting circuits within a kitchen or hallway.

And no matter the cost of the light fitting, a lamp will typically always produce the same light. It is the control of the light that is the true variable. Control can easily change the whole feel of a room instantly. Lighting control allows lighting scenes or moods to be created within these areas from a single press of a button providing both local and whole house control.

Keypads can also provide global control for example; being able to access a "welcome home" scene from the front door keypad, or being able to put the house into "overnight mode" where the whole house can be switched off from the master bedroom keypad, leaving just the landing light on outside the children's rooms.

Security is also enhanced. The lights can be set to switch on automatically if the smoke alarm is activated, or the whole house set to flash if the burglar alarm is triggered. The use of Astrological timers allows the house lighting to automatically run, creating the illusion of occupancy which is of course the best possible deterrent to would be intruders.

These solutions also greatly simplify the wiring infrastructure. In a conventional design live feeds are taken to each controlled circuit, switch lines are then placed according to the required switching arrangement either single or two-way. This format is restrictive and it is impossible to subsequently change the function of a particular switch without any costly re-cabling. 

Most lighting control systems we offer take all switched lighting feeds back to the dimming racks, with the keypads cabled using in-expensive Cat5 data cable, speeding up and thus reducing the costs of the pre-wiring process. The keypads are then programmed according to the clients requirements. This can easily be changed at a later date if required, unlike conventional switching solutions.

Interconnection Ltd have a broad wealth of experience in both the domestic and commercial lighting sectors, on all scales of project.

Domestically, think about adding lighting control to at least the key areas of your property, Kitchens, Living Room and Entrance Halls, changing the feel of the rooms and adding a real wow factor.

In the Commercial environment think of the advantages of having preset lighting levels   easily set to suit the function of the space, and the energy saved by dimming the lights and not having the chance of them being inadvertently left on.


Security is becoming ever more important. We can provide CCTV solutions from single cameras within a nursery room, up to whole house / premises systems with multiple cameras and recording facilities.  Our integrated approach allows your cameras to be viewed from any screen within your property or alternatively via a web based browser or mobile phone. 

And for commercial solutions, imagine the benefits of being able to monitor your business; protecting not only your property but also your customers.








Interconnection, established in 2002, are designers and installers of home automation solutions. This includes audio visual and lighting control systems with full integration and control via in-wall keypads and tablet devices.
We have a wealth of experience from simple retro fit cinema rooms right through to whole house solutions.